The Pinky Ring

I’m sorry but, excuse me??? Since when are Pinky Rings acceptable for anybody who isn’t a balding, overweight man who is most likely found at an Atlantic City buffet with a napkin tucked into his shirt?  Well apparently, since now.  Let’s not say that the pinky ring is back, since when was it ever really here, but rather let’s say that the pinky ring is making a Lana Del Rey-esque style comeback.  You know, the kind where nobody really appreciated you because, let’s face it, you were doing it all wrong.  But somebody knocked some sense into you revamped your image and people decided you really weren’t all that bad.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Lana Del Ray used to be known as Lizzy Grant.  She had an album and you never heard of it.  Now you know her.  Look it up, true story. 

Now don’t go running into your closet to search for that cute little ring you got in seventh grade but doesn’t fit on any of your normal, ring-wearing fingers.  That would be like taking a T-shirt from when you were 11 and calling it a crop-top.  (You know you’ve done it, we all have, but that doesn’t make it right).

Here’s how to do the pring right.  (Pring=pinky ring…you heard it here first)

  • NO SKINNY BANDS WITH BIG STONES.  You know what I mean, it’s not an engagement ring.
  • Wear colored nail polish on your nails, or you will look like a man.  True.
  • Make it unique, make it special.  The pinky ring should make a statement.
  • It should be subtle.  You don’t want someone staring at your hand when they could be staring you.
  • Coordinate it.  Make sure it works with the other rings on your hand.  Like duh.

If you want to try the style, but don’t know where to start, here are my recommendations.


Eva Fehren
Eva Fehren

Champagne Diamond Chrysler Pinky Ring by Eva Fehren

Available online from Barneys New York

Without giving up food, water, and shelter:

Citrine by the Stones
Citrine by the Stones

Pyrite Pinky Ring by Citrine by the Stones

Available online from Shopbop 

Karla Deras x Roman Luxe

Triangle Pinky Ring in Gold Karla Deras x Roman Luxe Python

Available online from Revolve Clothing 


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