Peplum is like “that girl”.  You know, the one who is everywhere and all of your friends are obsessed with her but you’re like, why? You know what I mean.  Everyone talks about how awesome she is and you are sooo not into it.  Well, at least that’s how I feel about peplum, but it seems the rest of the world has outnumbered me.  So, I’m going to be the bigger person here and tell you how you can wear peplum that won’t make me feel worse than I did when Marissa died on the O.C. (if you didn’t cry, you have no soul).

For those of you who don’t know what peplum is, I envy you, but I’ll also tell you it’s that little skirt thing attached to skirts, shirts, and dresses.  Some people say peplum hides everything.  I find that it just makes people look at you and think, what’s she hiding? It’s not that she’s actually hiding anything but, now you’re wondering, aren’t you?

In the wise words of Justin Bieber, “Never say never.” There are occasions in which Peplum can look decent.  But it’s very important that if you choose to wear the peplum style, you make sure you don’t look like you’re trying to fit into your tutu from your first grade dance recital.  Proportion is key.  Make sure it fits.  Actually though, just because you like it, doesn’t mean it looks good.  It’s hard to say where exactly on the body the hem of the peplum should hit, but one rule is absolute, it must go past your ENTIRE stomach, the whole thing.  I don’t care if you look like Kate Moss.  If it doesn’t go past your stomach, you won’t look good.  Bottom line.  Sorry if this just got awkward.

Here are some suggestions for ways to wear peplum (although if you’re wearing it you most likely don’t care what I think, but life goes on):

  • Stay away from busy patterns.  It’ll be too much going on.
  • Make sure it fits you right
  • Fabric is key.  Try for one that doesn’t bunch or wrinkle easily
  • While you can look good in Peplum, I wouldn’t call it the “hottest of styles.”  It works best as a professional or more conservative look
  • Everything else should be simple.  Including your hair.
  • Wear heels.  Skinny heels.  Done.

Some peplum to pep you up (alliteration is awesome):




Elastic Back Peplum Dress by Mason by Michelle Mason

Available online from Singer22

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Into Darkness Peplum Dress on Nasty Gal

Available online from Nasty Gal


Necessary Clothin

Necessary Clothing

Waldorf Bow Skirt on Necessary Clothing

Available online from Necessary Clothing

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Double Face Peplum Top

Available online from Nordstrom

Alice and Olivia

Alice and Olivia

Peplum Short with Belt by Alice and Olivia

Available online from Alice and Olivia


2 thoughts on “Peplum

  1. I agree – easy does it when wearing a dress or skirt with a peplum, but the style can be fun if done right. I especially like the lace peplum on one of the options you featured!

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