Picture this. It’s Thursday night. You have dinner plans with your friend. The conversation goes something like this:

You: Where do you wanna go?
Friend: I don’t care, you?
You: I really don’t care whatever you want.
Friend: What kind of food are you in the mood for?
You: Doesn’t matter, whatever.

You can see how this goes on and on. Indecisiveness, that’s what it’s called. And I’m sure much to your dismay, it’s what I’m feeling right now about PVC.

If you’re thinking pipes, then you’re wrong. If you’re thinking polyvinyl chloride, which is defined as a, “Synthetic resin, an organic polymer made by treating vinyl chloride monomers with a peroxide” by the online Merriam-Webster online dictionary, then you’re right. So why am I talking about it? Because PVC is a rising star in the fashion and accessory world. OMG awesome, because my tight jeans and 6-inch heels were so comfortable I can’t wait to walk around wearing a giant piece of plastic! If these are your thoughts, than you and I are two peas in a pod. There is nothing less appealing to me than the thought of walking around looking like people are chasing me with water guns.

But ways do exist in which you can make PVC look pretty damn good. The most important thing to remember is that PVC and Lucite are soooo not the same thing (shout out to my friends for saving me from that mistake). Lucite (specifically lucite heels) is mostly only ok if you’re a stripper or if you’re going to a theme party dressed as a stripper. Additionally, as counter-intuitive as it sounds, when PVC is paired with an item that is sophisticated or more conservative, it adds a playful twist and makes for a refreshing way to wear the classics. And good news! Normally I have a moral problem with “sensible heels”, but in this case, they can look über chic.

Here are some more suggestions for wearing your polyvinyl chloride:

  • PVC works when it is a on a shoe or when it is an impeccably tailored raincoat. When I say impeccably tailored raincoat, I mean it. You don’t want your friends coming up to you saying they didn’t know Ziploc made raincoats.
  • Don’t choose colored PVC. Clear looks the best, yellow looks like you lost your Windex.
  • With shoes, the entire shoe should not be see-thru. Only a small portion.
  • Make sure if it’s a close-toed shoe, your toes are covered. Squishy toes are NOT cute.
  • I’m not a fan of the whole see-thru bag idea unless you’re going to the beach. Do you really want to walk around where everybody can see everything in your bag? Probably not.

These are my PVC picks. I hope you can see them clearly. Get it?:


Gianvito Rossi

Suede and PVC Pumps by Gianvito Rossi

Available online from Net-A-Porter

Christian Louboutin

Manovra Patent PVC Slingback by Christian Louboutin

Available online from Neiman Marcus


Nasty Gal

Charlie Cutout Oxford on Nasty Gal

Available online from Nasty Gal

Loeffler Randall

Lace Beckett by Loeffler Randall

Available online from Barneys New York

Not Your Bargain Brand Plastic:


Studded PVC Trenchcoat by Valentino

Available online from Bergdorf Goodman


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