Trendy Sweats

It’s a revolution. It’s blurring the lines between casual and street smart. It’s Dry Clean Only. Trendy Sweats. Yes it’s a thing, and yes, I know you’ve tried to justify buying a $200 sweatshirt. I’m not saying you did it, but you’ve definitely thought about it. Trendy sweats can be interpreted in many different ways, and it’s important for the purposes of dressing yourself, that you are able to differentiate the different types out there.

The Over-Priced Designer Sweats:

This is clothing from brands like Adidas by Stella McCartney and Lulu Lemon. Just because you bought a $70 sports bra doesn’t mean you can wear it to a bar. It’s not that I’m telling you not to buy it, I’m just saying maybe wear it to the gym when you’re trying to impress some bros—although honestly, they won’t notice or care. Oh well. Anyways, these sweats are cute, and expensive, but should be reserved for actual exercise.

The I’m Hungover but I Still Want to Look Put Together Sweats:

These are the best. They’re comfortable, they’re easy, and most importantly they say You know what, I couldn’t really get it together this morning, but if this is my struggle bus attire, you can guess how good I look when I’m not trying to keep myself from vomiting on your face. You WOULD NOT want to work out in these clothes. But you would totally wear them on a Saturday Morning trip to Barneys with some oversized shades and a venti Sbux. No one can judge you, and if they do, you’re sweatshirt says “Bite Me,” so you showed them.

The I can Wear These Out Even Though They’re Sweats Sweats:

The most important thing here is to remember that when I say sweats, I don’t mean your college sweatpants. I mean some cute clothing made from aggressively comfortable cotton. Tailored sweatpants, sweatshirts with lace, comfort and style…Sorry if your brain is exploding. The thing about wearing sweats out is they can’t look like sweats…they just feel like them. Pair pants with a nice top or a sweatshirt with a pair of cropped pants. Also, when I say “out” I mean to nice lunch, dinner, or maybe a bar—not to a club, and not to the Oscars. Get it?

How to wear sweats like it’s 2013:

  • If they’re work out clothes, they’re work out clothes. Bottom line. If you want people to see them outside, take some selfies at the gym (but not actually).
  • Always match. It’s a rule of sweats, and of life.
  • If you wear grey on grey, it will start raining, and the raindrops will be my tears. Don’t do it.
  • Attitude. If you’re wearing sweats out, you gotta own it. If you look like you act like you’re doing something wrong, you probably are.
  • If you think they kind of look like scrubs, they do. Don’t buy them.
  • Yes you can wear them out at night if you choose the right ones and accessorize correctly, however don’t consider yourself “dressed up” when you’re wearing them. Sweats aren’t formal. Not now, not ever.

Some Sick Sweats:

Over-Priced Designer Sweats

Lulu Lemon Adidas by Stella McCartney

No Limits Tank by Lululemon Athletica Athletic Pant by Adidas by Stella McCartney

Available online from Lululemon Available online form Revolve Clothing

I’m Hungover But I Still Want to Look Put Together Sweats

Asos Brian Lichtenberg

Sweatpants with PU Pocket by Asos Homies Sweatshirt by Brian Lichtenberg

Available online from ASOS Available online from Brian Lichtenberg


Sugar Rush Baggy Beach Jumper by Wildfox

Available online from Wildfox

I can Wear These Out Even Though They’re Sweats Sweats

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 3.40.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 3.52.19 PM

Sweatshirt by Prabal Gurung for Target Deflection Pants by VPL

Available online from Target Available online from VPL

3.1 Phillip Lim Vince

Mesh Inset Sweater by 3.1 Phillip Lim Aztec Print Track pants by Vince

Available online from Barneys New York Available online from from Shopbop


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