The Button-Down

Let’s talk about the button down. I’m into it. Normally, I’m not one to be persuaded by practicality, but you can actually wear the button down in so many different ways that—you never heard me say this—you’ll be able to wear the same shirt more than once a year. Actually though, don’t quote me on that. The button-down is truly fascinating. I equate it to Beyonce’s hair. No matter how it’s done, it’s always looking good and is totally appropriate for the occasion. Wear a button-down tucked in with jeans and you immediately look put together. Pop it under a blazer and you look professional. Button it all the way up with a top-of-the-head bun and you’re trendsetter status. And tie it up the bottom for some cool crop top action.

When shopping for button-downs, focus on fit. The fabric shouldn’t be pulling when you button it up and it should be long enough that if you tuck it in, you can raise your hand without the shirt coming up. Nothing is worse than that awkward holding your shirt down while simultaneously bending over to pick something up. As stealth as you think you’re being, you’re not. The most important thing to remember with the button down is to keep it fresh. NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER wear a white cotton button down and black pants. You will look like you’re about to step on the stage and play the oboe in your ninth grade band concert. If you know what I mean, then you already know never to do this, and if not, contact my mother and she’ll show you some convincing pictures.

A few Button-Down Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Make sure it fits—aka it’s not too small.
  • Avoid black and white (unless of course you’re in a high school band).
  • If button-down is on the more conservative side, make sure to wear some cool shoes to spice it up.
  • If it’s sheer, and you’re wearing it to work WEAR A TANK UNDER IT. Nothing is worse than a great outfit ruined by a distracting black bra underneath.
  • I’m a fan of the plaid button down, but if it’s cotton, remember, it’s a plaid shirt. Totally fine, but not appropriate for a nice dinner or a party that’s not on a farm, even if you look really freakin’ cool.

Some Button-Downs to Buy:

Basic Button-Downs

J. Crew

Perfect Shirt in Linen by J. Crew

Available online from J. Crew


Diem Tie Front by EQUIPMENT

Available online from EQUIPMENT

New Button-Down Looks

Nasty Gal

Studded Cut-Out Blouse on Nasty Gal

Available online from Nasty Gal


Totally Bleachin’ Denim Shirt by Tobi

Available online from Tobi


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