Spring is approaching and with it, an abundance of floral patterns.  They seem straightforward, but floral patterns can be tricky to work with.  Wearing them wrong will instantly send the wrong message.  The right floral pattern will put you in a good mood and create an aura of happiness.  Wear the wrong kind of pattern, in the wrong colors, on the wrong style dress, and you’ll look 40 years older than you are.  Floral has the deadly potential to look matronly or on the opposite end of the spectrum, wayyyyy to young (and not the good kind).

Now, I feel terrible saying this, but I’m currently in a fight with a long-time love of mine, Prada.  This season, a line of bags, clothing, and other miscellaneous leather goods are all flaunting the image of a flower that looks like it was cut out of the background of an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.  Step out with one of these bags and there’s no doubt in my mind that someone will ask where your pigtails and lollipop are.  I’m not always right, and neither is Prada.  We all make mistakes, and hopefully, we learn from them.  Pick your flowers carefully.  You’ve been warned.

Tips to avoid looking like a weed:

  • If the flowers look old, they probably are.  Try and choose florals that have a young and fresh look.
  • Try and stick to combining flowers with solids.  Occasionally you can pair them with a simple pattern, such as stripes, but be careful.  A word to the wise, if you look in the mirror and feel nauseous, it’s not a good look.
  • Cotton floral patterns project a very casual vibe.  If you’re going for a more formal look, stick to silks and beaded/lacy flower patterns.
  • Don’t be scared of floral print (flowers don’t bite silly).  You can find patterns that fit your personality if you’re scared of looking overly girly or frilly.
  • Even though flowers typically reflect warmer weather, you can wear floral patterns all year round—just make sure your color choices are appropriate to the season.

Flowers for you:


Haute Hippie

Henley Blouse by Haute Hippie

Available online from Shopbop

One Teaspoon

Pretty Boy Dolly Top by One Teaspoon

Available online from One Teaspoon


Charlotte Russe

Scalloped Hem Floral Short by Charlotte Russe

Available online from Charlotte Russe

Matthew Williamson

Floral-Print Silk Pants by Matthew Williamson

Available online from Net-A-Porter


Ted Baker London

Wallpaper Pleated A-Line Dress by Ted Baker London

Available online from Nordstrom


Open Back Dress by Pencey

Available online form Revolve Clothing


American Apparel

Floral Swimsuit by American Apparel

Available online from Asos


Vintage Daisy Bikini by Shoshanna

Available online from Blue & Cream


Jeffrey Campbell for Free People

Romana Floral Sandal by Jeffrey Campbell

Available online from Free People

Brandy Melville

Floral Leather Flap Backpack by Brandy Melville USA

Available online form Brandy Melville USA


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