The Clutch

Clutches are to purses as 6-inch stilettos are to shoes, as ball gowns with 10-foot trains are to dresses, and as wide-brimmed Kentucky Derby hats are to headwear.  They’re all awesome and fabulous in theory, but they are about as practical as a white cashmere bikini.  If you’re lucky, you can fit 3 pieces of gum, a CHANEL lip gloss, and a hair tie in  your clutch.  If you want to take your cellphone or money out with you, it’ll have to be kept in your bra.  They seem like such a nuisance, so why do we love them? BECAUSE THEY’RE THE BEE’S KNEES.  A sophisticated change of pace from your over-stuffed, over-used, 20 gazillion pound tote, the clutch portrays an air of elegance and taste and will prompt your friends to say, Wow, she actually got her sh** together!

One of the great things about clutches is that you have more freedom when it comes to matching.  That doesn’t mean you can wear every clutch with every outfit, but you have more, let’s say, artistic freedom, when it comes to accessorizing.  Call me old-fashioned, but brown purses with black outfits and pink bags with red pants are really never ok—unless it’s a clutch.  I don’t know why it’s a fashion anomaly, but it’s true.  Clutches have a coolness factor that allows you to take greater fashion risks.  They exude confidence and will cause people to think that you’re starting the next trend and you can do no wrong in their eyes.  Clutches are, in the wise words (or in this case word) of Rachel Zoe, major.

Some Clutch Catches.

  • Even if they have a chain, hold them in your hand, not on your shoulder.
  • It shouldn’t be bigger than a standard piece of paper (8.5” x 11”).  You’ll look ridiculous and it’ll be heavy.
  • Cosmetic cases are not clutches! Just cause it’s designer, doesn’t mean it’s multi-functional.
  • It’s not a maraca.  Don’t use it as a dance prop.  Please.
  • Be cautious of the color/material.  Since you’re holding them and putting them down all of the time, a white clutch will probably turn grey two hours into the night.

Some Catch Clutches.

Funtastic Clutches:

Edie Parker

Jean by Edie Parker

Available online from Barneys New York

Alexander McQueen

Britannia Crystal-Encrusted Skull-Clasp Clutch Bag by Alexander McQueen

Available online from Bergdorf Goodman


Balenciaga Padlock Evening Clutch by Balenciaga

Available online from Balenciaga

Still Funtastic but Slightly More Affordable Clutches:

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.39.01 AM

Tri Lock Merino Clutch by Topshop

Available online from Topshop

New Look

Mono Strip Chelsea Clutch by New Look

Available online from asos

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.38.31 AM

Debutante Asymmetric Sueded Snake Clutch by Henri Bendel

Available online from Henri Bendel


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