Until recently, I was under the impression that I couldn’t wear lace without looking like either a doily or Lily Munster.  If you’re not careful with your black and white lace, this is in fact, a definite possibility.  However, I’m currently harboring a growing appreciation for the material and as I’m sure you could have guessed, I’m about to tell you why.  Lace is versatile, and depending on what you pair it with and how it’s accessorized, it can look completely different everytime you wear it.  Like leather, lace can spruce up your outfit or add a little bit of excitement to a boring T-shirt.  Minimal effort, maximum results.  Just like weight-loss! Jk lol.

The downside to lace is that it’s delicate.  Your bracelets will get caught on it, your earrings will get stuck in it, and if you wear it in a less-than sober state, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll f*** it up so badly that you’ll have to send it to clothing heaven with your ripped True Religion Joey jeans and your terrycloth Juicy Couture track suits.  It’s always hard to say goodbye.  I’m still mourning the loss of my off-white Kooba (remember Kooba?) bag to some over-dyed denim.  You will be missed.  RIP.

Laws of lace:

  • If it’s white, you will look like a bride.
  • Black lace sleeves should be reserved for dinner with the Adams family.
  • Colored lace with a matching colored bra is so 90s.  I mean I’m still into it but I’m willing to bet it’s me against the world on that one.
  • Don’t EVER EVER EVER wear a lace turtleneck.  “Like that’s gross“-@kmartluva.
  • No lace accessories except for shoes and bags—AKA anything you would find in your local Hot Topic.

I love me some Lace:

Layers of lace:

Joy Cioci

Samara Lace Crop Top by Joy Cioci

Available online from Shopbop


Best for Lace-t Romper by Lulu’s

Available online from Lulu’s

Nasty Gal

Sweet Surrender Dress on Nasty Gal

Available online from Nasty Gal

These should probably be just for looking at:

Jimmy Choo

Maylen Black Lace Peep Toe Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Available online from Jimmy Choo


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