Nail Polish

Here’s what we know for sure about nails:

  1. Gel polish lasts longer than regular polish but it’s triple the price and ruins your nails.
  2. Unless it’s nude, pink, or red, your mom will hate it.
  3. As soon as your nails reach the perfect length, your pointer will break and you’ll be back to square one. Ugh.

If you look at the runways, the models, and the celebs (excluding Rihanna—see Instagram for confirmation), you’ll see the new trend is longer nails painted with nude colors and filed into a round shape. That’s a long way from short square nails with obnoxiously bright neon colors that we were seeing just a few years ago.

While personally, I’m a fan of the flashy nails with crazy patterns and less than subtle colors, there are a few positives to this back-to-basics trend. If they chip, it’ll be less noticeable, you’ll never have to get an emergency manicure before a job interview, and if you’re OCD like me, you’ll never have a panic attack when you toenail polish clashes with your shoes. The downside is the sun will probably turn it some weird brown and let’s face it, it’s boring.

Nail No-No’s (and yeses):

  • Make sure that whatever color you choose matches your skin-tone…like anything else, just because it’s in Vogue doesn’t mean it will look good on you
  • Don’t wear fake nails. They’re tacky.
  • Make sure all your nails are the same length. I don’t care how long it took you to grow them out. If one of them breaks, cut ‘em all.
  • Don’t get the “pearlescent” colors. That shine is weird.
  • I’m into nail art. Screw the trends, express yourself.

Cool Nails Yo:

Nice ‘n Natural:


Sand Tropez by Essie

Available online from Ulta Beauty

Butter London

Kerfuffle by butter London

Available online from butter London


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.54.43 PM

Poppy by American Apparel

Available online from American Apparel

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.54.36 PM

Cleopatra by Deborah Lippmann

Available online from Bliss

Nail Art (Nart):

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 5.04.20 PM

Unicorn Nails

Done at Valley Nails

Black Matte French Manicure

Black Matte French Manicure

How-to found on


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