The Wedge

The Wedge. Technically, it’s falling out of good graces with the fashion gods. In reality, there are more wedges on the street than the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, both real and fake. Yowzaaaa. Here’s why people like wedges: they’re more comfortable and easier to walk in than regular heels, they look cute with jeans AND you can wear them with a short skirt because they make you look a little less slutty than you would if you wore that same skirt with stilettos. The thing is, they’re only comfortable if there’s no incline. When there’s no incline, you may as well be wearing those platforms Steve Maddens that were all the rage in 1997. These shoes will give you the height you desire, however your butt will look just as flabby as it does when you wear your Soul Cycle spandex and yet never actually attend a class. Baby Spice is still the only person in my mind who could successfully pull off the platform sandal look. Unless you’re her, stay away.

So back to wedges. You’ll have to get over the fact that the cute ones aren’t as comfortable as you had envisioned when you decided to purchase a pair of wedges. But the good news is that they won’t get stuck in a New York City grate which is wonderful, except for the fact that Matthew McConaughey can’t heroically save your shoe and rescue you from a life of hotel housekeeping (remember? Maid in Manhattan. What a classic.) Wedges can be fancy or casual—but they’re not formal. Don’t wear them to a Black Tie wedding, even if it’s outdoors. The best thing about wedges is you can wear them in crazy colors or patterns and they somehow look less tacky than normal heels. I don’t care what the fashion editors are saying. Wear your wedges and wear them proud. Unless they are peep toe wedges, in which case you’ll need to leave my presence before I’m blinded by how wrong that is.

Ways to Wear Wedges:

  • You can wear patent leather wedges with nicer dresses. Cork and espadrille wedges are more casual. Avoid the ones that have ribbons you tie into a bow.
  • They should always be open toe (but not peep toe) unless they’re wedge booties. Those are cool.
  • The incline should be at least 2.5 inches or you look like you’re wearing Birkenstock’s newest creation.
  • Wedges are summer-y, but they’re still not for the pool. If you’re wearing any sort of heel at the pool you’re probably that girl who’s, “kind-of high maintenance” and you definitely don’t eat bread.
  • Don’t wear slide-on wedges—they’re the elastic band jeans of the shoe world.

Wondrous Wedges:



Fleuremia by Aldo

Available online from Aldo


Grommet Sneaker by DKNY

Available online from DKNY

Ritch Erani NYFC

Disco Contrast Trim Wedge by Ritch Erani NYFC

Available online from Chuckies NYC


Mirlin Wedge Sandals by IRO

Available online from Shopbop


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