The Bomber Jacket

Why the f*** am I talking about Jackets? We’re literally one month into summer. Well because I’m the sucker that walks into the store when it’s 40 billion degrees outside and buys the heavy winter jacket at full retail price because I can’t bear the thought of waiting a few weeks when the temperature drops only 10 degrees and yet the price drops 30%. And also because jackets are fabulous. Let’s face it; winter clothes are so much better than summer clothes. There’s so much more variety, so many more materials, and cashmere (it’s just so soft). I’ve been dreaming about my coats locked away in winter storage since mid-April. But since the cold scares some people and it is still July I’ll ease you into winter slowly with the bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket is great. It’s a great transition piece aka it’s great to wear on those awkward below 50 mornings and above 70 afternoons. Feel free to ignore my previous statement if you live in Southern California. In case you’re a bit confused Google says the bomber jacket is, “A short jacket, usually leather, tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticized bands and typically having a zipper front.” But since the Google dictionary doesn’t seem to be as fashionable as the rest of us, it’s wrong about the leather part. The bomber jacket comes in many materials and often times, it is a combination of more than just one. If you’re still confused about what a bomber jacket is, think Varsity jacket—but like way more awesome. These jackets are fun, easy, and a great way to liven up a boring outfit. Literally all you need to do is put on a pair of black leggings, a black tank, and your bomber jacket and BAM. You look like you took more than 3 and a half seconds to get ready. Think of all the extra time you’ll have to online shop!

How to wear it:

  • It’s not formal, even if its $1700.
  • Jewelry is tough with a bomber jacket…too much usually makes the outfit look cheap. Avoid both chunky and delicate jewelry. Good luck.
  • Don’t wear a hooded, turtleneck, or collared shirt/sweater under a bomber.
  • If you wear a shiny bright colored or metallic bomber, I respect that. However it’s not the 80’s and people will remind you of that fact.
  • Wear a short pleated skirt, leggings, or tight jeans on the bottom. Pleaseeee don’t wear wide-legged pants or a maxi skirt or a panic attack (mine) will ensue.

Bring on the Bomber Jackets:

Cheap Monday

Bomber Jacket by Cheap Monday

Available online from Asos


‘Abbot’ Leopard Print Silk Bomber Jacket by Equipment

Available online from Nordstrom

Rag & Bone

Embroidery Trim Bomber Jacket by Rag & Bone

Available online from Intermix

Tess Giberson

Bomber Jacket with Leather Sleeves by Tess Giberson

Available online from Shopbop


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