Sequins.  They’re up there as one of my favorite things to talk about, along with glitter, leather, and hats with ears.  Now I haven’t fact checked this statement but I’m pretty sure New Year’s Eve, followed by Mardi Gras and My Birthday are the top 3 holidays for wearing sequins.  At least in my time brief time on this Earth, sequins have transitioned from having a place headbands you wear with a flapper dress at costume parties to having a place on cotton short shorts that you wear lounging on your couch and on fabulous dresses for special occasions.  Tacky to trendy just like that.  Boom.

Don’t be fooled.  While you can now find sequins everywhere and on everything, you shouldn’t where them everywhere and at all the time.   A sequin-covered sweatshirt isn’t evening attire, and sequined dress is not work attire.  I don’t necessarily follow this rule, but I should probably consider it.  The key thing to note is that sequins are casual (as strange as that might sound) or for a night out.  Wearing that in that awkward, I have to look nice but not too dressed up area doesn’t play.  I don’t know exactly why this is, but think about it, it’s kind of true.  A final thought: Sequins are fun, and they should always be worn in a fun way, on a fun dress, or mixed with a fun fabric.  If you wear sequins a serious or conservative type of dress, you will look like tacky tourist getting dressed up for some ridiculous Broadway musical.  K Bye.

Sequin Statutes:

  • Cheap sequins look cheap.  If it’s not a novelty item, invest a little.
  • Try it on first…sequins can chafe, make sure they don’t chafe you.
  • Stick to wearing sequins in the fall and winter, no one wants to wear plastic in the summer, this way you can also avoid wearing…
  • WHITE SEQUINS.  They’re gross, just like white shoes.  Stay away.
  • Take part in no extreme sports, strenuous activities, and twerking while wearing sequined apparel.  Sequins will be shed.

Selected Sequins:


 Nasty Gal

No Smoking Muscle Tee on Nasty Gal

Available online from Nasty Gal

Mother of Pearl

Grey Pig on Balloon Sweatshirt by Mother of Pearl

Available online from Avenue 32

Eugenia Kim

Toyo Max Fedora by Eugenia Kim

Available online form Barneys New York

Markus Lupfer

Calf Leather Sequin Lip Shoe by Markus Lupfer

Available online form Markus Lupfer

Night Out:


Glamour Glitter by MINKPINK

Available online from Nordstrom


Jestine Sequin Trousers by Babakul

Available online from Pink Mascara

Roberto Cavalli

Fringed Sequined Dress by Roberto Cavalli

Available online from Net-a-porter

Theyskens' Theory


Sequined Silk-Crepe Coat by Theyskens’ Theory

Available online from Net-a-porter

For Fun:

Pretty Rock Girl Collection

Multi Color Unisex Glitter Aviator Sunglasses on Etsy

Available online from Etsy

Forever 21

Eclectic Sequins Bustier by Forever 21

Available online from Forever 21

Dorothy Perkins

Grey Knitted Pug Hat by Dorothy Perkins

Available online from Dorothy Perkins


Gold Sequin Letter Pillow on Etsy

Available online from Etsy


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