The Midi

No silly, it’s not a typo.  The midi, the midi dress the midi skirt, AKA a dress or skirt that hits below the knee and above the ankle.  The midi, in-between a mini and maxi.  Dare to bare some calf why don’t you?  While you might think the midi is a conservative look, don’t forget, you would have been a rebellious sinner going outside showing any hint of your ankles pre-1920 (the date is a rough estimate…history class wasn’t exactly my thaaang).  I think they  can be pretty cool sometimes, so I’m going to keep talking about them.

Anyway, the midi is tricky.  See what I did there, with the rhyming? Such a poet.  The problem with the midi is, if you pick the wrong one or have a styling mishap, you will look like a dowdy housekeeper who got lost on her way to the supermarket.  Totally fine, if that’s the look you’re going for.  But if you mange to choose the right cut and wear the appropriate accessories, the midi can be suitable for almost any occasion: the beach, work, and even a boozy brunch.  I would steer clear of wearing them “out”.  If you do, you will most likely end up looking like the group’s chaperone instead of the fun friend. A good tip…look for cut-outs or sheer options or pair a crop top with a midi skirt.  All of these details will give the outfit a fresh look but please, pick only ONE at a time.

Midi Advice:

  • Midis for day should have a flowy bottom.  Sandals please—flats or wedges will do.
  • Midis for work should be IMMACULATELY tailored.  Wear heels, as high as are appropriate for work.
  • Just say no, to aggressive prints.  A lot of fabric + a lot of print = a lot of unpleasant curtain.
  • Midis with detailing at the bottom are ugly.  If it’s lace it’s a doily, if it’s fringe it looks like a pillow.  Just being blunt.
  • Be confident.  A midi can wear you instead of the other way around.  Don’t let it.



Fully Midi Skirt by Asos Collection

Available online from Asos


Good Love Shirtdress by Zimmermann

Available online from Shopbop


Apron Dress with Step Hem by DKNYPure

Available online from DKNY

More Formal/ For Work:


Front and Back Layer Panel Skirt by Givenchy

Available online from Barneys New York

Felicity & Coco

Midi Sheath Dress by Felicity & Coco

Available online from Nordstrom

Tamara Mellon

Jersey Dress by Tamara Mellon

Available online from NET-A-PORTER


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