Just as not all carbs have gluten, not all plaid is flannel.  Not to knock flannel.  Flannel has its place in this world and my need for comfort and warmth are forever grateful for that.  But as the 90s make a comeback and Karl lets me know it’s ok to wear sneakers with couture, I look forward to dressing in plaid at least 40% of the time.  Plaid is amazing, just like carbs are.  Yes it can be casual and comfy, but it can also be sophisticated, chic, and fun.  My favorite kind of plaid is heavy chunky plaid in coats and skirts.  Perfect for fall! But in an attempt to be relevant to the current times AKA Spring, let’s talk about some ways to wear plaid in the warmer weather.  And if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, come back to this in about 6 months.


Clothing material and colors are the keys (duh) to spring and summer-appropriate plaid, “Splaid” if you will.  Nothing is better than a navy and emerald plaid skirt or a black and red plaid sweater.  But I don’t care if it’s linen or nice breathable cotton—stash it in the winter bin.  Pastels, bright colors, light colors…oh my! Such wonderful things that make such wonderful Splaid.  (I’ve decided to make it a proper noun and capitalize the “s” because it’s just that important.) One last thing to note, I am all for experimenting with your outfit and mixing and matching different colors.  But if your plaid looks like Reptar up-chucked all over your shirt, AKA a horrendous color combo, stay away.  Stay far, far away.


Plaid Proses:


  • Choose your materials and colors of the season your were in…but you knew that anyway 😉
  • I love a plaid button-down as much as the next girl.  If it’s flannel, it’s for inside the house.  If it’s silk, you can wear it to work.
  • Don’t mix plaid with other patterns.  It will NEVER work.
  • Plaid shorts are not flattering.  On anyone.  Even if they’re Burberry.
  • I could never hate a plaid phone case.  Just saying.


Splaid Splurges:

endless rose

Box Plaid Shell Blouse and Box Plaid Pencil Skirt by endless rose

Available online from Shopbop


Audrey with Contrast Collar by Equipment

Available online from Equipment


Jogging Trouser by AR

Available online from Farfetch


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