Bracelets.  Is that vague enough for you? Cool.  JUST KIDDING.  Let me explain.  I’m not talking about normal bracelets, per se, but the way that you wear them.  Specifically, I’m talking about the current trend of wearing about…hmm lemme count…40 … Continue reading

The Pointy Toe

The pointy toe, or pointed toe if you’re a more sophisticated kind of folk, can be worn in many different ways.  Wear it right, and you’re saying, Don’t mess with me.  Seriously, don’t, I’ll kick your ass.  Wear it wrong … Continue reading


Spring is approaching and with it, an abundance of floral patterns.  They seem straightforward, but floral patterns can be tricky to work with.  Wearing them wrong will instantly send the wrong message.  The right floral pattern will put you in … Continue reading