Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses with rhinestone hearts in the corner remind me of a simpler time.  A time before Britney shaved her head and we had more boybands to choose from than shades of pink nail polish.  And now, 15 or so years later, we have seen the rhinestone (or Swarovski if you were forking over the dough) studded sunglasses trend enter and leave our world, along with a variety of other unfortunate trends.  Right now we live in the age of mirrored sunglasses.  I’m not going to lie, the first time I noticed this trend was when Lisa Vanderpump walked around, dragging a llama behind her, on the RHOBH.  But since then, everywhere I go, I see people rocking this trend.  These lenses are great because you’re never too far away from a mirror so you’ll notice right away if your seaweed salad stuck in your teeth.  On the other hand, you’ll know when your friend says, OMG how are you? You look great!, she was lying.  You look like a hot mess.

As long as the sunglasses look good on you, I don’t care what kind of lenses you have in.  I will give you fair warning, however.  For some reason, mirrored sunglasses give off an extra-douchey vibe.  You’ll have an added air of arrogance when you walk around and people will judge you for it.  But realistically people are always judging you so who-the-eff cares.  Just wear them.  You’re fabulous and you’re being judged.  One thing to keep in mind is that Mirrored lenses typically have a pretty strong pigment/color.  They’re not usually green, orange-y, gold, or silver.  That means that they have to match your outfit.  You can’t just throw them on with any old thing.  If you’re wearing a lovely purple dress, your emerald lenses will prompt people to ask for your autograph because they thing you’re Barney.

Mirrored Musts:

  • Take them off when you’re inside.  This goes for all sunglasses–You’re not a celebrity–unless you are then tweet me @tayberstales.

  • No cat-eye frames with these lenses.  Robo-kittys unite!

  • Make sure the lens color doesn’t clash with your outfit (see above).

  • Stay away from overly-massive (I know–overly-massive–redundant) lenses, or you will look like a bug, even more than you normally would.

  • These are fun glasses, wear them with a fun outfit, not your Sunday best.

Some Sunnies for Ya:


Large Metal Aviator with Crystal Green Mirror Lenses by Ray-Ban

Available online from Ray-Ban

Nasty Gal

Runaways Shades by Le Specs

Available online from Nasty Gal

Barton Perreira

Bailey by Barton Perreira

Available Online from Barneys New York

Wild Fox

Classic Fox Deluxe Frame by Wildfox

Available online from Wildfox


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